Doug Jones Breaks From Dems, Saying Trump Shouldn’t Resign

Breaking from Democrats’ calls for President Donald Trump’s resignation – and perhaps the same politically motivated attacks that got him elected this week – Sen.-elect Doug Jones, D-Ala., said the allegations of sexual misconduct against President Trump “are not new,” and “we need to move on” to “the real issues” now.

“Those allegations were made before the election, and so people had an opportunity to judge before that election,” the senator-elect told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday. “I think we need to move on and not get distracted by those issues. Let’s get on with the real issues that are facing people of this country right now, and I don’t think that the president ought to resign at this point.

“We’ll see how things go, but certainly those allegations are not new, and he was elected with those allegations front and center.”

Jones was elected to the Senate this Tuesday over Roy Moore, who has been accused of making inappropriate contact with teenage girls around 40 years ago when he was in his early 30s.

Despite the politically charged vote, Jones has offered hints he will attempt to be an “Alabama Democrat” and will not vote strictly down part line.

“One of the problems in American politics right now, in my opinion, is that everybody thinks because you’re a member of one party or another you’re going to vote a certain way,” Jones told CNN host Jake Tapper. “That should not be the case. It shouldn’t ever be the case. I’m going to talk to people on both sides of the aisle, try to figure out what I think is in the best interests of my state and in the country.

“Now, don’t expect me to vote solidly for Republicans or Democrats. I came up with Sen. Howell Heflin from Alabama many years ago. He always said to do the things he does he does what’s best for his constituents. I don’t think Democrats should count on my vote for everything. I’m going to study all sides.”



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