WWE: Daniel Bryan might retire ahead of Money in the Bank

Daniel Bryan left WWE ring in 2016 because of health issues and made a come back as Smackdown’s GM but soon after he left his job of authority and entered the arena once again at the Royal Rumble.


The four-time world champion said, “It was very difficult. I disliked it, strongly,”
He even added that he would try to leave as soon as possible as he has discovered that they might not have a segment of his on TV. He said: “I would be texting the writers being like, ‘Hey can I just stay home?’

He also said, “A portion of that is not liking it and portion of that is because now I’m being away from Brie and my baby to do something I’m not passionate about. That was a weird mental thing for me.”

He was a former World Heavyweight Champion. His first match post return happened at WrestleMania 34. He was paired up with Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon against beat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

He would be again seen in Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match against Samoa Joe.

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