WWE Superstar Cena Shoots On Thuganomics Gimmick, Jim Ross Inspiring Moment With Fan, Young Bucks Fire Back At Steroid Allegations

At MegaCon this afternoon, WWE Superstar John Cena was asked about his Thuganomics character, why he stopped, and if he would ever return to that character.

“The rating of our television show changed and I didn’t want to lose my job. But I will say this Thuganomics was started before you were born and I still have my degree and I love that lime in my career. But I also know where we are. I know the company that I work for and it’s truly an honor seeing a young man like you wearing things that are close to me that I believe in. I liked it then but I really, really like it now”

So, it is safe to say that Cena still loves the Thuganomics gimmick and changed because of WWE’s PG format, however, he appreciates the mention and reassurance that the Dr. Of Thuganomics hasn’t been forgotten.



One of the most important parts of being a WWE superstar is remembering that you can use your star power to make positive changes in the world. Well, thats exactly what Jim Ross did at a recent baseball game where a fan with Cerebral Palsy approached JR, informing him that he wants to be a sports broadcaster as well. Ross apparently took a considerable amount of time talking to the fan, eventually sharing a saying that his grandma told him.


As you know, unless you live under a rock, the Young Bucks are very active on social media which has led them to some of the highest merchandise sales numbers in wrestling today, however, social media fame also comes with its cons.

As of recent, the Young Bucks have put on a considerable amount of muscle, prompting a fan to accuse the duo of steroid use. “Wow dude. Sorry but you look terrible. Those PEDs are not for you. #ashamedofyourself”


Matt Jackson of the YB’s fired back:

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