WWE star Roman Reigns SPEAKS OUT over rumours he told child ‘GET LOST’

WWE star Roman Reigns has rubbished fan claims he told a little girl to “get lost” after she asked for a photo.


Reigns – the top star in WWE – smacked down reports that were being circulated on Twitter saying he had been mean to a child fan.

He issued a furious denial of the claims on Twitter, instead revealing it was a “grown man that approached me” and “called me a ‘sell out’.”

The Big Dog is one of the most controversial figures in WWE and is vocally booed by large parts of the WWE fanbase.

WWE bosses consider Reigns their pet project and have been trying to establish him as the company’s superhero top star since 2014.

The 33-year-old however is popular among children and families thanks to his good guy persona.


Reigns took to social media to rubbish the reports in a tweet liked by 11.3k of his fans.

He is currently on a small holiday from the WWE ahead of pay-per-view show Money in the Bank in June.

The three-time world champion clarified he was spending time with his family.

He is married to Galina Joelle Becker and the couple have a daughter, Joelle, and two twin sons.



Reigns said: “First of all, it was a grown man that approached me while I was feeding my sons breakfast and talking to my daughter.

“Before I could finish saying ‘I’m sorry but I don’t get much time with my family’, he stormed off calling me a ‘sell out’.

“That’s the truth. Get your gossip right.”

The post was retweeted more than 2,300 times as he set the record straight and received 1,200 replies.

Reigns debuted in WWE back in 2012 as part of villainous trio The Shield.

He transformed into a good guy and went solo after the group separated following the betrayal of Seth Rollins.

Boos and jeers shower the 6ft 3in 265lb star nearly every time he appears on television.

His rejection by certain vocal sections of the WWE fanbase has been subject to countless articles and interviews.

And this week a wrestling said Reigns should be fired unless reactions start improving.

Reigns has equalled Hulk Hogan’s record of four consecutive main events at WrestleMania despite the backlash.

He has been criticised for his character work, and even WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin said he needs to make a change.

Fans have been calling for Reigns to turn-in his goody-two-shoes persona for an edgier and more villainous character.

His rejection came to a head in his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34.

Reception from fans was so negative the ending of the match was changed mid-fight by Vince McMahon to award the win to the UFC fighter.

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