MMA Heavyweight Chugs Beer out of a Shoe After Win at UFC 225


Fighters are a different breed and Aussies are even further away from the norm. UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa proved that yet again at UFC 225 in Chicago after his unanimous victory over Andrei Arlovski.

Tuivasa is known for doing a “shoey” after his victories. Just what is a shoey? Drinking a beer from someone’s worn shoe.

Tuivasa requested UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s shoe, but the former Fear Factor host was having none of it. Rogan called it disgusting and Tuivasa exited the cage.


Awaiting him was a shoe with beer from an all too eager fan. And Tuivasa chugged it. From a shoe. And he didn’t finish there. He did another before he hit the backstage area.


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